Factors that causes obesity epidemic essay

The remote control, video games, automobiles, televisions and to some extent computers are all parts of the environment which discourages people from being physically active. Nevertheless, the variation in how people respond to the same environment suggests that genes do play a role in the development of obesity.

Children who are overweight or obese might be more likely to have asthma. Childhood obesity can also lead to poor self-esteem and depression. Each child is affected in a different way both physically and mentally. Being familiar with the causes and effects of childhood obesity, can help and possibly prevent this condition.

More essays like this: According to Blasi obesity is considered "the number one health risk for children in the United States today" Many obese children become obese adults, especially if one or both parents are obese.

TV commercials that advertise fast food, snacks that are high in fat IV.

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In depth investigations will be made to determine what the effects are of obesity among children. However, not all people living in such environments will become obese, nor will all obese people have the same body fat distribution or suffer the same health problems.

In cases of severe obesity, surgery may be an option. What does obesity affect? Can Public Health Genomics Help? People learn to eat as a way to cope with stress. Obesity can cause resistance to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar. Environmental, behavioral and parental factors were found to contribute most significantly to youths overall health and wellness.

Causes of Obesity

Blood clots can also form in narrowed arteries and cause a stroke. The key to battling this condition is to know and understand the all of the different causes and the effects that it generates. Treating and preventing childhood obesity helps protect your child's health now and in the future.

BAND 0 Problem and Solutions Essay – Obesity in Children

Problems in adolescents include poor self-esteem, fears of being unpopular and unattractive, depression and by far the worst eating disorders Tweedie, As you know, weight gain occurs when calories consumed exceed calories burned.

Childhood obesity is a rising epidemic that affects all cultures. Do Genes Have a Role in Obesity? These studies have identified variants in several genes that may contribute to obesity by increasing hunger and food intake.

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Interestingly enough despite this few researchers have examined what if any affects a nutritional education program might have on childhood behaviors. Health care practitioners routinely collect family health history to help identify people at high risk of obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and some forms of cancer.

This leads to more depression, so they turn to food to feel better, which makes the problem even worse. America's children are literally expanding each and every day.

The fatal illnesses that people suffering from obesity may face are the following: This can help determine if your child's weight is in an unhealthy range. How is obesity defined?

Because obesity is associated with chronic disease and adverse health outcomes, the growing incidence of obesity in the population has become a serious public health concern.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that young Americans are getting wider, to the point where their lives and their mental health are at stake Crute, Regularly eating high-calorie foods, such as fast foods, baked goods and vending machine snacks, can easily cause your child to gain weight.

Research Questions In particular the researcher will attempt to answer the following research questions: Morton explains how wide-ranging the effects of obesity are. Even moderate obesity dramatically increases the risk of diabetes. Children deal with this feeling in different ways such as shutting down, losing interest in activities, or hiding their emotions by acting out in a negative way.

Unhealthy adolescents also tend to miss school more. This harms the cardiovascular system and accelerates the development of heart disease Daniels, They eat to hide hurt, pain, a low self-esteem and other issues. Simply stated I think it can be attributed to genetics, portion size as well as food available and cost, and laziness.

It has more of a combination of these causal factors.Children have a number of factors that cause them to become obese during the various stages of human development, which include unhealthy eating behavior, reduced physical activity, and prevalent obesity within the home, most notably from one or both of the child’s parents.

There are many factors that contribute to obesity including a person’s behaviour, environmental factors and genetics. Behaviour: Regular physical activity, nutritious eating and eating portion sizes commensurate with energy needs are necessary for maintaining a healthy body weight.

In the US too, the obesity epidemic may be stabilising (Ogden et al.,) but it is too early to know whether the data do reflect a true plateau (Cali and Caprio, ). Similarly, in England, trends in overweight and obesity prevalence have levelled off after (Stamatakis, Wardle and Cole, ); however, socioeconomic inequalities have deepened.

Factors that Causes Obesity Epidemic Essays - Obesity is a highly flexible disease, it can be found in all parts of the world and in all types of living environments. Obesity has many causes ranging from eating habits, food preparation, unhealthy physical lifestyles, transportation and more.

Obesity Epidemic Essay. English Paper Final Research Paper.

The Cause and Effects of Childhood Obesity Essay Sample

Obesity. Childhood Obesity. they gain weight, and being overweight can in turn cause depression and the emotional problems that signal overeating.

A vicious cycle begins. Being overweight can cause more emotional problems than just overeating, however. Child Obesity Research. The obesity epidemic is a result of the modernization of the United States, however, there are many more factors that play a big part in obesity.

Obesity in culture can be misleading, but culture has such a general definition that any kind of behavior can fall under its name.

Factors that causes obesity epidemic essay
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