Different ways of writing a set of parametric equations

There is one more form of the line that we want to look at. Like we did in the last video, let's solve for cosine of 2t and solve for sine of 2t. The object location at time t is given by: When we did this problem, we said that sine squared of t plus cosine squared of t is equal to 1.

Here are some evaluations for our example. You get y over 2 is equal to sine of 2t. Can we think of another set that gives-- that would also, when you do the algebra, get here?

This can cause calculatioons to be slightly off. And I think we can. And this is often a very hard thing for people because there is not one right answer. Once you are satisfied, press the "Check" button.

An algebraic equation or polynomial equation is an equation in which both sides are polynomials see also system of polynomial equations.

Now, with the given slope we know how x t varies with respect to y t. Sometimes we have no choice, but if we do have a choice we should avoid it. The reality is that when writing this material up we actually did this problem first then went back and did the first problem.

Drag P and C to make a new circle at a new center location. Types of equations[ edit ] Equations can be classified according to the types of operations and quantities involved.

I mean, we could do a whole bunch of them. And we get the sine of 2t squared becomes y over 2 squared plus cosine of 2t is x over 3 squared. Had we simply stopped the sketch at those points we are indicating that there was no portion of the curve to the right of those points and there clearly will be.

So there's all sorts of crazy things you can do to say what happens as you move along the path. Miscellaneous Curves If we have curves that are piecewise functions or shapes, we can parametrize each piece seperately and then shift the parametrizations so each piece runs consecutively and there are no breaks.

We know that the new line must be parallel to the line given by the parametric equations in the problem statement. In pure mathematicsdifferential equations are studied from several different perspectives, mostly concerned with their solutions — the set of functions that satisfy the equation.

It is now time to take a look at an easier method of sketching this parametric curve. Before we end this example there is a somewhat important and subtle point that we need to discuss first.

Parametric equations Video transcript In the last video, we started with these parametric equations: The "Delete" button deletes the points in reverse order.

In the case that we are exploring 7 would be the constant for x t and 5 the constant for y t. And what happens in this scenario-- So when t is equal to 0, we're still at the point 3, 0.

Before we end this example there is a somewhat important and subtle point that we need to discuss first. It was x is equal to 3 cosine of 2t and y is equal to 2 sine of 2t. Usually, we parametrize using the following where t is the set of real numbers. I just may do something really crazy and arbitrary.

Here is the sketch of this parametric curve. There are some paths that you could take where-- Let's say that the-- You could set up a parametric equation. Could you go from this to this?Example 6 Sketch the parametric curve for the following set of parametric equations.

Parametric equation

Clearly identify the direction of motion. Clearly identify the direction of motion. If the curve is traced out more than once give a range of the parameter for which the curve will trace out exactly once. Finding the Parametric Equations for a Line Given Two Points Example: Find the parametric equations for the line through the points (3,2) and (4,6) so that when t = 0 we are at the point (3,2) and when t = 1 we are at the point (4,6).

The parametric equation of a circle From the above we can find the coordinates of any point on the circle if we know the radius and the subtended angle.

Parametric Equation of a Circle

So in general we can say that a circle centered at the origin, with radius r. Plotting a parametric curve: Find the position of the robot Write a set of parametric equations of a line that passes through the point (6, –2) and has slope 4/3 different ways.

The parameterization affects what part of the curve is shown and how it is traced. In mathematics, a parametric equation defines a group of quantities as functions of one or more independent variables called parameters. Parametric equations are commonly used to express the coordinates of the points that make up a geometric object such as a curve or surface, in which case the equations are collectively called a parametric.

Hence, the parametric equations of the line are x=-1+3t, y=2, and z=3-t. It is important to note that the equation of a line in three dimensions is not unique. Choosing a different point and a multiple of the vector will yield a different equation.

Different ways of writing a set of parametric equations
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